My 3DS Mii I’m Michael Long, and digitalbytes.net is my personal domain. Some friends and I came up with the name trying find suitable geeky name for our personal e-mail domain–nerdpad.net and geekpalace.com having already been registered at the time, if memory serves.  As you might have guessed, I have a long-time interest in technology, including but not limited to video games, programming, and Linux.I grew up in southern Indiana and went to college at Indiana University, where I obtained a degree in Computer Science.  Since graduating from Indiana University in 2000, I’ve been working as a programmer in the video game industry.  I’ve worked at a few different companies and am currently employed at Roundhouse Studios.

Games that I’ve worked on include Survived By (PC), Heroes of Newerth (PC), Strife (PC), Prey (PC), Soldier of Fortune (Playstation 2) and Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force (Playstation 2), and Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (Dreamcast).

I currently live in the Madison, WI area, and I attend church at Heartland in nearby Sun Prairie, WI.